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Types of Myanmar Company

Myanmar offers two options to foreign investors registering a business entity in Myanmar. Such business activities that need substantial investments as manufacturing, construction, mining, hotels & resorts, agriculture and transportation have to be registered under the Myanmar Foreign Investment Law (MFIL) through the Myanmar Investment Council (MIC). The Myanmar Companies Act (MCA) allows foreign service providers to register companies for other services.

MIC companies are offered tax and non-tax incentives, but require a greater amount of capitalization and slightly longer and more documentations required.


Registration under the Myanmar Companies Act (MCA)

The entire application process takes about 2 months.  However, at the moment there is an option available to get a temporary incorporation certificate within a few weeks of lodging the application to incorporate.

Once incorporated you will receive a  ‘Permit to Trade’  that is valid for three years before it needs to be renewed.
Interactive will guide you through the process of choosing an appropriate corporate structure and
liaising with appropriate government agencies, as well as preparing the necessary documentation.

MCA Companies – Foreign Ownership

It is fully possible to own 100% of an MCA (as well as an MIC) company even if you are a foreigner. The implication of this is that you will not be able to operate certain kinds of businesses like trading or education. However, it is important to note that any Myanmar company with one or more foreign shareholders is automatically considered foreign except in rare cases that involve joint ventures with the government.

Minimum Capital Requirements

The minimum investment required by a foreign service company under the MCA is US$ 50,000. Half of this amount needs to be invested in the company upon approval of the incorporation application. The remaining half needs to be invested in the company within 1 year of incorporation.

For information about registration with the MIC (for large projects and companies), please follow this link.

For a step-by-step guide about the company
registration process, please click this link.

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