• Legal Solutions


    Our experienced International Legal Team can help you navigate Myanmar's rapidly evolving legal system.

  • Corporate Structuring


    Our Myanmar Consulting Team is prepared to assist you with all your corporate structuring and compliance and tax issues.

  • Company Registration


    Our Myanmar Business Administration staff can assist with all aspects of your corporate and company registration in Myanmar.

  • Myanmar’s Trusted Firm


    We do the most incorporations and serve some of the highest profile foreign Companies in Myanmar. Let us help you too.

Corporate Law and Business Consultancy

Company Registration

Our corporate lawyers and business consultants can assist you with matters ranging from Joint Venture agreements and land leases to employment contracts and company share transfers in Myanmar.

Myanmar Accounting and Tax advisory

Company Registration

Our English speaking Myanmar tax advisors, CPA’s, and corporate lawyers provides bookkeeping, tax advisory, due diligence, annual audit and payroll services at international standards. We also advise on all types of investment transactions.

Myanmar Property Law

Company Registration

At Interactive Myanmar, we assist our clients with all legal matters relating to land lease contracts, real estate transactions, and property valuation and surveys by highly experienced legal advisors and property consultants.

One-Stop Service in Myanmar and Thailand

Company Registration

A close working relationship between Interactive's branches enables us to service our clients fully from either Bangkok or Yangon in several different languages. Please contact us and let us know where you would prefer to meet.


Myanmar Corporate Lawyers

Interactive specializes in corporate structures for foreigners, so we can provide advice and assistance with company registration in all business sectors, including oil and gas, hotel and tourism, mining, and service industries. Our highly skilled and experienced advisors are keen to help you reach your business objectives in Myanmar.

  • Limited Company
  • MIC Company
  • Joint Venture Company
  • Holding Company
  • Custom Structures

Contact us now for a Free legal Consultation and a quotation for company registration services.

Foreign Investment Laws

Keep Informed

Interactive has a detailed understanding of Myanmar’s new foreign investment laws. We are also monitoring all satellite laws and regulations that arise in the wake of the evolving government.

As an Interactive client, we will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in foreign exchange regulations, immigration procedures, or any other aspect of Myanmar’s business environment.

More on Developments

Free legal Consultation

In Yangon and Bangkok

Our consultations are free of charge. Contact us any time with your queries about doing business in Myanmar and we will provide the most effective solution for you.

Whether you already have a presence in Myanmar or you are thinking about investing in this emerging market, we are able and willing to help you. You can contact us by using our contact form or by calling +95-1-513-664.

Local Relationships

Myanmar Lawyer
It is not enough to know the laws; it is necessary to know and understand the people. When you do business with Interactive, you can rest assured that we understand the local culture, and that our business network will work in your favor.

Always in Sync

Myanmar Lawyer
It is our duty as a service provider to keep informed of all legal and business developments. Interactive keeps up-to-date with all local developments that affect our corporate clients – and not just laws and regulations, opportunities too.

Service Mobility

Myanmar Lawyer
Interactive understands that your time is money. Whenever our clients need on-site meetings or group consultations, we can arrange the meetings or presentations on your behalf in accordance with your instructions.

Contact Us

Myanmar Lawyer
If you have questions about doing business in Myanmar, please contact us for a Free legal Consultation.
You can contact us by telephone: +95-1-513-664 or by email: info@interactivemyanmar.com.

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